Suntan Pantyhose

My mother-in-law wears a popular brand of pantyhose. She likes the suntan shade in them, and so do I. He legs look so beautiful that I decided to get a pair for myself. I went to a local drug store and found a pair of queen size in the right shade. I put them on and I could feel myself getting into an extreme state of excitement immediately. I wore them recently one morning when my mother-in-law was visiting. She noticed that I was wearing nylons and told me how great my legs looked. I told her I enjoy wearing them because they feel so sensual that I am in a heightened state a lot. She asked if she could see. I was wearing my very short nylon robe so I opened it up and showed her just how much influence the pantyhose have on me. She smiled and said I looked delicious. We both had a rather memorable morning.

— Xavier, 31