Stepsister and Panties

When I was younger, my father remarried, and suddenly I had a stepsister just one year younger than me. I had a grand time peeking at her naked and often letting her "catch" me while I was masturbating. It was not long before I started playing with her panties. For a long time, I would just sniff them and fantasize while masturbating. But as time went on, I began to sometimes wear them. As I got older, I became more and more fond of panties and acquired them the same way many others do. I would get them from the hamper at friends' houses, sneak around at parties to find the laundry, take my girlfriend's, etc. I never shared this with my first wife and am sure it would not have gone over well. After my first marriage, I met a wonderful woman who I am still with. For years, I kept it hidden, but then figured it was time to come clean. I introduced her to this slowly. I put them on somewhat jokingly one time, and she was not bothered. So, I figured all was good. I would then sometimes mess up her panty drawer just a little. She is meticulous, so I know she knew. Then one time, I put a pair on and then my shorts. I removed them together, and they got tangled the way they do. I put them in the laundry that way for her to find. When she did, she gave me that knowing look, and I could not deny it. Now, they are part of my daily life, and I seldom wear men's underwear. She has bought me a few. It is not her favorite thing, but she knows how much I enjoy it. I am now somewhat addicted to shopping for them. My girlfriend knows I have them but just not how many. I must have around fifty pairs of various styles. I really like bright ones that I can wear under light shorts or let the waistband peek out "by mistake". I guess it is somewhat exhibitionist, but they are just panties. Girls show theirs all the time. I love to hear the comments, and it's really nice if a girl says something to me about them. Often people associate this with being gay, which I am not, but I do love the panty thing. My next fantasy involves my girlfriend making me show her friends my panties someday. Well, that's all. Thanks.

— Chad, 39