My New Favorite Things

I started wearing pantyhose and I really like them ... a lot. They have a blend of nylon and spandex which makes them feel terrific on my legs. I asked my mother-in-law if she could make an alteration to the pantyhose so they would fit better; I asked her to make an opening in the front. She made the opening and reinforced it with elastic thread. I told her how good they now feel and showed her the results. I also told her that I like to pleasure myself while wearing the pantyhose. We then went to the den where I showed her just how fantastic the nylons are. She then gave me some really super terrific hand relief. I then gave her several more pairs for her to alter. She gave me a pair of high heels and told me to try them on. They fit like a glove. Pantyhose and high heels are now, "My new favorite things."

— Noah, 34