She Made Me Her Maid

I lost a bet to my wife and she said I had to be her maid for a day. I agreed, thinking I would be doing cooking and cleaning. I was very wrong! The morning of my day as maid, she handed me a French maid outfit to wear. I complained a little, but was also a little intrigued. I started to take off my clothes and she said I needed to shave my legs! I complained, but she insisted. I shaved my legs, and my arms and chest. I even shaved my genitals without her knowing it. I then slipped on a silk thong, garter belt, stockings and, of course, the maid outfit. She handed me six-inch heels to wear, which took some time to master. As I stood in front of her, I became quite excited, which made her smile. She told me to make her coffee, so I went off to the kitchen. I heard the front door open and heard her friend come in. I was scared and tried to hide, but my wife yelled to me to bring them both coffee. I took them the coffee, and her friend smiled as she looked me up and down. She asked for sugar, and as I turned, I lost my balance on those high heels and fell. My skirt went up, exposing my panties. I struggled to get up, and her friend came over to help me. As she helped me stand up, she touched me. As I turned red, my wife laughed. The three of us then moved to the bedroom, where I pleased both of them several times.

— Kevin, 32