Wife's Skirt in The Wind

We were visiting some fellow motorcycle riding friends in Florida recently. I was about the youngest one there at sixty-three. My wife is sixty-eight and most were around her age, give or take. Even though she is pretty chunky, her legs and butt look good. She has few wrinkles and no gray hair; my friends were checking her out. Don't laugh, even with age some things don't change. I was loving it as they eyeballed her (politely) in her little white fairly thin sundress. She was carrying some groceries into my friend's home for a cookout later on. The wind blew and lifted her skirt, showing her white cotton panties to all. My modest wife was mortified, but I comforted her letting her know it was all good. They were loving what they saw. She still has a pretty firm butt and chunky, but sexy and firm legs. I was excited by it as I have always loved her to be exposed to others. We got it on that night. I told her everyone out there (at least the men) would pleasure themselves thinking about what they saw and wish they could be in my place, having sex with her.

— Leon, 63