Are You Wearing Nylons?

My wife's aunt recently came to visit us for a few days. One morning, I was having coffee when she came into the kitchen. We started to talk and she looked down at my legs and asked If I was wearing nylons? I told her I was and she then smiled and said my legs looked awesome. She asked me why I wore them, and I told her they felt good and that I like to wear stockings when I am pleasuring myself. At that, she looked stunned. I told her my enjoyment is heightened so much more when I have stockings on. I also mentioned to her that sometimes I'll wear high heels. I then told her I was about to pleasure myself and if she wanted she could observe. She said yes and told me she had never seen a man do this, but she heard it was done a lot. We then sat on the sofa and I proceeded to start. It did not take me very long to complete. With her watching, it was a real turn on for me. I must say, we both had a great time. She asked if we could do this again real soon. I smiled and said any time.

— Ray, 32