I have always wanted to be a woman and it ruined my marriage. Two days before I was to be married, I was completely dressed as a woman over a man's house having sex with him. While I was married, I would dress up every day and go out as a woman at night. I made my wife pluck my eyebrows and pierce my ears; she threatened to tell her friends about me, so I told her I didn't care and I let her take me over her friend's house while I was wearing a mini skirt, top, heels, nail polish, and full make up. Her friend asked me if she could do my hair and I said yes. When she was done, I had blond hair in a feminine cut. My wife and her friend then took me to the mall and left me there with no money. I had to promise a guy sex for a ride home. When we got to my place, my wife was not home, so I took him inside. Just as we were finishing up, my wife walked in and saw me. After he left, I went in the bedroom to talk to my wife. She told me that tomorrow she was bringing her mother and aunt over to get her things out of here, so if I didn't want them to see what a queer I was, not to be here. I told her I would be here as the woman I wanted to be. The next day they all came over and I was there in my favorite dress and heels. No one said a word to me.

— Casey, 55