How Did This Happen to Me?

I'm sitting in my living room dressed in my wife's black party dress talking with her and her friends. How did this happen? I was working late and when I got home, my wife and her friends had been partying for hours. They had been playing a drinking game and convinced me to join in. In this game, the person asking a question decided on the penalty for wrong answers. The girls were in various stages of undress so I figured the penalty was taking off clothes. I was unlucky at first and quickly was down to my boxers. I won the next round and had one of the girls remove her panties. I lost the next one and was told to put on the panties I had her remove. As I slipped them on, I became excited. I lost the next one to my wife and she said that since I liked wearing panties, I should try a bra. As I lost more questions, I was forced to put on stockings, high heels, and finally the dress. The entire time, I was getting more excited, partly because of the clothes, but also because there were four almost naked women with me. I was declared the loser and the game ended. As loser, I had to stay dressed for the rest of the night. The girls had me give them drinks and spent the night teasing me.

— Clay, 32