New Experience

I just had one of the greatest experiences I have had in quite some time. I love ladies who wear nylons and high heels provided they have nice legs. With this is mind, I decided that I would wear nylons and high heels. I went to a woman's wear shop, talked to a sales lady, and told her what I wanted. She got me a pair of heels and I tried them on. They fit great so I bought them. She gave me some stockings that she said would fit. She then asked me to come back and let her know how things went. When I got home, I slipped on the stockings and put on the heels. Wow, what a feeling. I immediately started to pleasure myself. It was sensational. I did this quite a number of times in the next few days. I then went back to the store and met with the woman. I told her everything. She came home with me that day.

— Evan, 26