Wife Picks Up Girl

I had printed out some naked pictures of myself. I gave them to my wife and told her to show them to some of the girls on her softball team. I so love to show myself off. My wife showed the pics to five women. This one bartender friend of ours got a look at them and seemed to like them a lot. She is an ex-stripper with a body to match. Three days later, my wife and I were at the bar where she worked. After a few drinks, my wife asked her to come home with us. She said yes. So, my wife and I went home to wait for her. In the meantime, we got naked in the hot tub. Just as I told my wife I was sure she wouldn't show up, her car pulled into our driveway. As she came back by the hot tub, I hopped out to use the bathroom. I told them I'd be right back. While I was away, I thought for sure I was dreaming. I still thought something would go wrong and that this would never work out. But when I got back to the hot tub, there they both were, naked and making out. What a sight! I got in with them. We all talked for about five minutes or so when I asked her if it (meaning the hot tub) felt good. She said how could she be feeling good if no one was touching her? That was it. I pulled her towards me. She sat on my lap as I reached around to her front to feel that perfect body. As I was doing that, she was touching and making out with my wife! Awesome! It started to get really hot, so I suggested that we move it inside. We went up to our bedroom. The two women laid next to each other on the bed. I was down below. The sound of the girls was awesome. I then had sex with both of them. After I had finished, the two girls just kept going at it. In about twenty minutes, I was ready to go again, too. But, that's a story for another day. This was the first of many adventures that we've had. I'll tell more later. Damn, my wife is awesome!

— Kyle, 43