Ballet Tights

The other day, I went to a dance supply shop to buy some ballet tights. I find them very sensual and I enjoy wearing them while lounging around. When I got there, a saleslady approached me and ask if she could help. I told her I wanted a pair of flesh colored ballet tights. She got me a pair and told me to try them on for size. I went to the fitting room and took off my shorts. I also removed my briefs. I slipped on the tights and positioned my manhood so it was more noticeable. I am extremely well endowed, so when I went outside, the saleslady was in total shock when she saw me. She could not keep her eyes off my package area. I was, by now, in a most extreme state of enhancement and it showed, rather nicely I might add. She was speechless as I moved about the area. I took off the tights and handed them to the saleslady. I told her to wrap them up; I'll take them. As I was paying for the tights, she said this was the most enjoyable day she has ever had. A good time was had by all.

— Steve, 25