I'll Be Back

My doctor suggested that I try wearing some support stockings to help with the circulation issues I have in both my legs. She said to buy thigh highs that have a silicone band to facilitate staying in place. I went to a local department store and asked a sales lady for some help. She showed me several pair and I finally settled on some suntan stockings with about twenty percent spandex. The sales lady suggested I try them on to see how they feel. I went to the fitting room and slipped off my shorts. I put on the stockings and stood there for a few seconds. They felt rather good. The sales woman was outside and asked how they fit. I opened the door to show her and she immediately detected that I was enjoying myself. She smiled and said that everything looked really, really good. I think she was referring to the obvious. I went back into the fitting room, but she entered with me. At that point, I knew exactly what to do next and we both enjoyed ourselves. I bought the stockings and told her I'll be back for more.

— Jack, 55