Cross Dressing

A few years ago, my wife, her mother, and myself dressed up to go out on the town. They had me dress up like a woman and to tell you the truth, it felt rather sensual. I mean wearing panties, a bra, stockings, heels, and a skirt. All this was causing me to get very excited. My wife and her mother both were also excited when they saw me. The one thing they got worked up over was that you could see my manhood in front, under the tight skirts I wore. I needed to conceal my junk and it was not easy. What I did was wear looser fitting skirts in addition to a jock strap. That worked well. I'm a total fan of dressing like a woman. I'm as straight as an arrow; I love sex a lot. I have sex often with my wife and her mother. The three of us enjoy cavorting around the house in the nude.

— Pierce, 26