Big Yellow Brassiere

A few weeks ago, I went to a local department store to purchase some T shirts. I passed through the lingerie department and noticed on a sale rack a rather large yellow brassiere. Curiosity got the best of me, so I went and checked out the label on the back. It was a 36 with a G cup. Enormous to say the least. The price was only eight dollars, so I picked it up and proceeded to pay. The sales lady, a rather attractive woman probably in her mid to late forties, asked me if it was a gift? When I told her it was not and that it was for me to use as a fantasy tool when I am pleasuring myself, her eyes opened wide and she smiled. She then said, "I'd really like to see that." She got a matching pair of yellow panties size eight and handed them to me. She said that she thinks they would fit just right. I asked her how much and she said they were complimentary. I wrote down my address on a slip of paper and told her to stop by after work for a drink and maybe some extracurricular activity. She smiled and said she gets off work in about thirty minutes and she'd see me at home. The rest of the night was a dream come true. We had intercourse and she gave me hand and oral relief. Thanks a million for that big yellow brassiere.

— Anthony, 26