Her Friend Put Me in Panties

My wife hates to wear dresses, which leads us to many fights since I want her to wear them. Her friend was visiting and this topic came up in conversation. I asked her friend if it was wrong for me to want her to look sexy. My wife said if I thought it was so sexy, why don't I wear them? Her friend chimed in and said I couldn't wear a dress for even one hour let alone an evening. My wife agreed and suddenly they are stripping my clothes off and dressing me. They laughed when I was told to wear a lace thong. It didn't fit well, but it did give me excitement. By the time I had pantyhose, heels, bra, and a short, tight dress on, I was fully excited. I stayed dressed while we ate dinner and had drinks. When my wife finally said I could take the clothes off, I declined. I was starting to enjoy it and felt really sexy. This seemed to get them excited and we spent the rest of the night dressing and undressing me, with a little sexual fun in between outfit changes.

— Paul, 32