A Very Paranoid Mind

My best friend seems to be trying to hook up with the girl I like. Even though I've told him about it many times, he just continues with his flirting. She says she's like my brother since we've known each other for so long, but she has known my best friend for so much longer than me. It seems she just doesn't want a relationship with me yet. She just can't tell me that for fear of me starting to hate her. I haven't been able to sleep lately, and when I do, I dream of her. When I'm in class, she looks at me and just smiles. It's like she wants me, she just doesn't (if that makes any sense). My best friend just stares at her like they are meeting for the first time and they have a love life already. Even though I'm his best friend, I'm about ready to hate him. I know this may make her hate me and that I shouldn't feel jealous about this. She seems to pay more attention to me, and her friends say that she always talks about me. Even though she has weekend flings and things that I can't say she's done with other men, I get almost always compared to. I'm not complaining, but I hate having a very paranoid mind. It all would bother me anyways.

— Travis, 21