Back Rub

I attended college at a small university in North West Arkansas. We had a large contingent of foreign students, including many from Malaysia. I had hurt my neck in a recent fall. Rozi, a tall, muscular, acquaintance from Malaysia, had stopped by and offered a back rub. As Rozi massaged my neck, he was talking about a heavy-set chick he had done the week before. It was obvious that he was horny. I complimented him on how well the back rub felt and said I would need to repay him, but the only thing that would feel that good would be oral. After a little small talk, Rozi started to leave. As the door shut, I called his name. Rozi peeked back in the door, "Yeah?" I didn't know how it would go, but I managed the courage to ask quietly, "You want that oral?" "You want to give it to me?" I nodded silently. Rozi came back in the room locking the door behind him. I followed him into my bedroom and pulled his loose fitting shorts to the ground. Many more quiet nights in the dormitory were followed by visits to Rozi's room.

— Timothy, 32