Do You Need Help?

I was working part time in a local department store when I approached a woman who appeared to be lost. I asked her if she needed some help and she asked me where the lingerie department was. I pointed to the location and she asked if I could help her find something. When we got there, she told me she was looking for a brassiere but she didn't know her size. I told her I'd get a sales lady to help her, but she wanted me instead. At that, I knew I was in for some real fun. She told me to unhook her bra so she could remove it and check the size. I did and then slipped the bra off. She asked me to check the label. I did and told her she wore a 36 DD. She then lifted her blouse and asked me if I thought she was DD. I then told her to follow me to the back room. I gave it to her until I was totally exhausted. What a day.

— Mark, 24