About eighteen years ago, my wife started menopause. She also battles with clinical depression her own way. Short story, she has pretty much shut me out of the bedroom. At first, I cried pitifully, but I have since adjusted. I discovered cross-dressing as a kid, but got figured out by my mother that I had been in her lingerie drawer. However now, I don't have to answer to anyone for my habits. I actually find intimate clothing left in public places all the time. I supplement that with trips to 'thrift stores' so that now I have a secret wardrobe of women's outfits in my size. When I put them on, I wonder how women can stand this without getting very excited in their own clothes. So now, I pleasure myself in women's clothes whenever my wife's not around and I guess I'm hooked. I've even gone out in public a couple of times.

— Mark, 68