Thank You to My Wife

I have had a panty fetish forever. I am straight and married. My wife knows all about how I love to wear panties. She is not into it all. She confided in her friend about it; told her everything. One day, her friend contacted me in private. She said, "Listen up, panty boy, I need you to come over to my house after work Wednesday." She told me she knew everything and that if I did not show up, she would tell everyone she knew. I was so embarrassed; I wanted to have a major conversation with my wife and find out why she told her, but instead I kept it quiet and went over to this women's house. Once I was inside, she took control. Her voice was loud and demanding. I was ordered to strip, and then she put panties on me and gave me a spanking. She called me a panty sissy and paddled me; she told me I was only allowed to wear her panties from now on. She totally dominated me! I could not help but mess up the panties she had put on me; the entire time was incredible. She gave me a big stash of panties and I was told to wear them 24/7. The stash included some of the prettiest panties I had ever seen. I am wearing a pink floral print satin pair right now. Every Wednesday, my wife thinks I work overtime, but what is really happening is I am at her friend's house being dominated, controlled, and forced to wear some of the prettiest things you could ever imagine. I am on my knees for her friend for a bit, and I am spanked and being taught how to be a naughty sissy. I really want to thank my wife for this, but I can't as she has no idea what's going on. He friend is a goddess. There is no better feeling than being in front of her in panties bras and heels as she calls me all sorts of names. Thank you honey! You have no idea how much I worship this goddess. Thanks for being such a complainer.

— Mike, 38