Golf Lessons

I'm a golf professional by trade. I give golf lessons and manage a local golf course. The other day, a woman came in for help with her game. She was probably somewhere in her mid-forties and very attractive. She was experiencing some serious issues with her game and asked me for some help. The one thing I observed was the problem she was having with her swing; specifically, the follow-through. The thing I noticed was that she had extremely large breasts, which hindered her ability to complete the swing. I was hesitant to say anything, but it was rather obvious that this was a major issue. I told her about what I had observed and she asked me if a new brassiere could help. Not being a corset specialist, I didn't want to go there. She persisted in talking about her breasts and her brassieres until I could not stand it any longer. I grabbed her breasts until the two of us were in total embrace, and having sex in my office. Ah, the life of a golf professional.

— Vince, 31