I Just Love Halloween

My wife and I were recently invited to a Halloween costume party. We both got dressed up as ladies of the night. I wore an extremely short skirt with textured stockings, garter belt, heels, sheer blouse, and burgundy brassiere. I felt rather sensual wearing all of these things. When we arrived at the party, the women there were rather impressed by my ensemble. Several commented on my rather sexy legs. As the night went on and we had consumed many adult beverages, we all started to get somewhat daring and risqué. My wife suggested I remove my underwear and just, "Hang out." I did and as soon as some of the ladies knew I was commando, they reached under the skirt and began to play with me. I must have received hand relief at least eight times that night and it felt awfully good. At one point in the evening, I was so hammered that I was sitting on the sofa with two ladies and they were watching me as I pleasured myself. God, how I just love Halloween!

— Jeremy, 26