The Wildest Thing

I am now dating the hottest, sexiest, and best girlfriend that I have ever dated in my life. She has the biggest boobs anyone can have. They're a size D. One day, I was at her house, and we just had the best sex ever! She told me she needed new bras because she didn't think that she fit her old ones anymore. We went to a lingerie shop and to many other stores. She tried on many bras in front of me. Then she told me to pick one out for her to wear at work. We work together. I picked out a see-through bra and a shirt that had buttons. At work, I walked over to her desk, unbuttoned all of the buttons, and touched her chest. They were so huge! That day, I had the best time of my life, and it was the wildest thing I've ever done in my life!

— Tyrone, 22