New Shoes

My wife and I walked into department store in women's shoes. My wife was wearing a really short dress, panties, and hose. I asked her if she would flash the shoe sales man, knowing she wouldn't. I was very surprised when she looked at the young salesman and said she would love to. She proceeded to try on shoes and give him quite a show. He never even knew I was there. She tried on a few pair and said she would be back. He probably didn't believe her, but he said okay. We left for about a half hour. He darn near killed himself when we returned. She tried the shoes on again to make sure she wanted them, all the time giving him a show again. She finally decided which shoes she wanted. He asked her how she would like to pay for them? She said her husband will pay. He almost had a heart attack. He said, "Your husband?!?" So, I happily paid him and we left. What a fun time.

— Gabe, 49