Cheating in Vegas

My cousin and I have been going to Las Vegas on family trips every summer for the last 6 years. About four years ago, my girlfriend at the time that I had been dating for a year (we'll call her Becky) and I had hit hard times (she turned into a witch). So, I began to cheat on her with another girl we'll call Sandi. I began to date Sandi while still in a relationship with Becky. That summer, my cousin and I went to Las Vegas like usual. While there, we met two girls from Arizona who were less than bright, to say the least. We ended up drinking heavily with the girls and bringing them back to the hotel room. For the rest of the week, my cousin and I had hot sex with these girls from Arizona. When we left, the girls were devastated and I sorted felt some feelings for the girl that I had been sleeping with. We exchanged addresses, and she eventually sent me some pictures of herself. I was still in a relationship with Becky and was still secretly dating Sandi, who knew nothing of my exploits with other women. Anyway, Becky found the pictures and letters that the girl from Arizona had been sending me and eventually dumped me because she knew I was a cheater. This cleared the way for Sandi and I to be together. Sandi and I have been together for four years and are now engaged. If she only knew that she was the girl I cheated with on my ex, and that I cheated on her a couple of months after we met too. I think if she found out, she would end our engagement!

— Derek, 29