Older Women

When my ex-wife and I were dating, her mother always seemed to hate me and I had no attraction in her. I was twenty-one and she was fifty. The week before we got married, we were staying at her mom's house. I was taking a shower in her parent's bathroom as my now ex was in the main shower. Her mom walked in wearing nothing but panties and a bra. I got out of the shower and, as I started to step out the door, she backed up so her butt pushed against me. She asked if I had left some hot water and slid her bra and panties off. She looked down at me and gave me pleasure. Over the course of the week, she did me four times, including on our wedding day. For the next twenty years, the best sex I had during that marriage was with her mom. We had sex almost every time she visited us or we them. When my father-in-law passed away, I started going "to check" on her mom every week and she continued be great in bed. I ended that marriage six years ago and two years ago I remarried. My new mother-in-law is seventy-seven and they are visiting this week. This weekend she walked into my bathroom and all I had on was my towel. I let it slip off and she stood and stared at me for a long time, and then quickly left the room. I thought I was in trouble and she was going to complain to my wife, but that evening while setting on the couch watching television, when my wife and father-in-law were out of the room, she reached over and put her hand on me. We heard my wife returning and both stopped. I am just wondering should I take it further? For some reason, older women have always turned me on.

— Carl, 54