Spandex Panties

I recently picked up a pair of yellow spandex panties at a local department store. They were unlined and very, very sheer. When I got home, I quickly slipped them on and wow ... I was in total awe as to how sexy these things looked. I am extremely well endowed and just looking at myself in the mirror was an exciting experience. The longer I looked, the more I liked them. The next day, I went to the beach with my girlfriend. She did not know anything about the panties until I took off my shorts. Her eyes literally popped out of her head. She quickly reached over and grabbed me. She wanted sex right there on the beach. "Not here," I said, so we went into the water. I really like these panties; from how they look on me to how utterly sexy they feel. I went back and bought several more pair in different colors.

— Ian, 24