Poolside Manners

I was at an exclusive resort, reading and tanning by the pool. A nice couple came up, and we struck up conversation. She was very nicely built in her revealing bikini, and he was in pretty good shape. You could tell he went to the gym often. As the day progressed, she noticed I needed more sun block, as I was getting pink. She offered to help do my back when she saw me strain to reach. She did and slid her hands down past my waistline, all over my rear. I looked at him. He was watching and smiling. We went back to my room and all undressed. He watched her rub my body with lotion while he played with himself. Soon, he walked over and joined us. It felt great. Soon, they were both playing with and kissing me. I never experienced this before, yet it was very exciting! She encouraged me to go further with him while she and I had sex. I was a homophobe until that point. She was so good that I obliged. It just went on from there. What a day! We still talk, and hope to re-engage soon!

— Zane, 40