Raising Him As Her

Once when I was twelve, I was at home alone. So, I decided to panty-raid. I put on a pair of my mom's silky panties. Then I heard her car, so I pulled my jeans up over the panties. When she got in, she told me to try on a new pair of jeans she had gotten for me. I gasped. I didn't do it, so she pulled down my pants herself. She just stared when she saw the panties. She said, "Go put them back, please," and smiled. That week, I went to camp. When I got home, my whole room was remodeled. It was pink, and there were drawers labeled and containing undies, bras, swimsuits, skirts, dresses, and shirts. My closet was full of girls' clothes. My mom said, "Well, you liked wearing my panties, so you are going to be my daughter." I was home-schooled as a girl, too. All of this for wearing my mom's panties.

— Ivan, 24