Loin Cloth Fun

While going through an old dresser recently, I ran across a loin cloth bathing suit from many years ago. I tried it on and it fit like a glove. The one thing about it though is that the suit does not have a liner, just the front and rear flaps. That's probably why I didn't wear it. I'm a lot more daring now, so I thought I'd try it one day at the local beach. When I got there, I could feel myself getting into a heightened state. It felt good, really good. I spread out my blanket and lay down on it. Right away, I could feel the flaps moving and my manhood was slipping out. Laying down was not an option since my excitement was showing. I sat up, but the front flap was not staying in place. It was getting a little windy and the front and rear flaps were subject to the wind currents. I got up and decided to leave, but the wind kept blowing the flaps around and exposing me. After a while, I said forget it and just stayed there and let the chips fall where they may.

— Ben, 32