Ballerina Outfit

As I came home from work, my sister wasn't home. So I went in to her bedroom and slipped off my clothing. I then slipped on her white tights and fuchsia leotard, snapping it under my legs. Next, I put on her ballerina skirt and her fuchsia ballerina slippers on my feet. I style my hair and put a matching fuchsia flower hair clip on the right side of my hair. I applied some foundation, black mascara, pink/red eyeshadow, black eyeliner, pink/red blush, pink/red lipstick, and lip sealer. I went to her closet and grabbed her long black sweater and black purse. I put my make-up, money, credit card, driver license, medical cards, and keys into the purse. I was ready to take my walk all dressed in my sister's ballerina outfit. I looked like a sexy woman as I started my walk.

— Benjamin, 57