Last summer, I was at my mother-in-law's house enjoying her swimming pool with my two children. As my kids played in the pool, I was lying in a lounge chair by the house. I always wanted to see what it was like sunbathing nude. So, I thought I would try it, sort of. I put two chairs in front of me so I could keep an eye on my kids, but they couldn't see me. I pulled my bathing suit down and let the sun shine on me. It felt good. So, I started playing around. Shortly after, I heard my mother-in-law drive up. I pulled up my suit and stopped. I went in and talked to her for a minute, and she said she had to leave right away. I went back outside and laid down. Ten minutes later, I thought I heard her leave. So, I started right where I had left off. It was great. I was really enjoying it. A few minutes later, one of my kids wanted water. So, I was going to go inside the house and get some. When I got to the door, I saw my mother-in-law hurry out of the room that overlooked the back yard. My chair was right under the window. When I saw her, I got pretty excited. I acted like I didn't see her, and I went back to my chair. I pulled down my suit and started enjoying it again. I figured she would come out and remind me she was home, come out and yell at me, or she was in there enjoying it. I got really close to finishing myself off, but I eventually had to get some water from the house. When I got to the door, I saw her hurry out of the room again like she was looking but didn't want to get caught. I went to the kitchen for water and saw her in the living room. I acted surprised and went back outside. Shortly after, I left. I told her we might come back tomorrow, and she told me that she had the day off. I said we would stay away and not bother her, but she said it was fine. The next day, we went, and I made the same set up. While lying in the chair, I acted like I forgot there was a window overlooking me. I quickly went to town. I got so excited. My heart was racing. But I didn't know if I should complete it or not. So, I tested the waters. I went inside, claiming to go to the bathroom. When I went inside, I found her in the room that overlooked the yard, and she was on the computer. While I was talking to her, I could see that from where she was sitting she had a great view. I asked her if we were bothering her. She said, "If you were bothering me, I would let you know," and she kind of smiled. I told her I needed a tissue for my nose and quickly went back outside. After that, I knew I had the green light. I went back out side, pulled down my suit, and started playing with it again. I made sure she had a great view. After a few minutes of loving the fact that my mother-in-law was watching me, I came. It was so powerful and so much that I was beside myself. Anyway, I cleaned up and laid back down with a smile. Five minutes later, she came out and visited for a few minutes. We packed up, she gave me a nice hug, and we left. It was so great. I hope I can do it again next summer.

— Liam, 34