I Love My Panties

I started wearing panties at a young age. I love the way they feel on me. After I got married, I would sneak around and wear them. Whenever I went fishing or just to town by myself, I would put a pair of panties on. Oh the feeling of panties on my bare skin; it felt so good. I have been married forty years now and decided it was time to tell her about my urge to wear panties. I would lay awake nights thinking of some way to tell her and still be a man to her. I would search the web reading about other men with the same problem, but nothing seemed to work, so I sent for a book and ordered three pairs of sexy men's under wear. I was so excited when they arrived, I could not wait to try them on. They kind of looked and felt like panties, but they just weren't the same. It took me a month to build up the nerve to wear a pair to bed. When she started messing around and felt my new undies, I told her I had bought some undies for those special times in bed. She asked me to show them to her. I was nervous, but got out of bed and showed her my new undies. To my surprise, she said that she liked them. One day we were going to the store to pick up some things, so I asked her if she would pick out some sexy panties for her to wear; god knows, I was tired of looking at her granny panties. She picked out some high cut micro fiber panties that I really liked. When I saw how cheap they were, I thought now is my chance. I told her, "You're getting five pairs of panties for less than what I paid for one pair of the undies I bought and I don't see much difference in them." She said that she didn't see any difference either, so I told I was going to pick out some for myself. She said to go ahead, so I picked out a five pack of panties and put them in the cart with hers. When we got home, I got out my panties and opened them. They turned out to be cotton panties. I told her that they were cotton and that they were no different than the male underwear that I already had and that she could have them. I was so disappointed because I wanted my own panties, but I wanted micro fiber, satin, or nylon. About an hour later, she came up to me and said that those silky ones were up-stairs and for me to wear them. I looked at her with a big grin and headed up to try them on. Later that night with me wearing my new panties, I told her couldn't believe she was ok with me wearing panties. She said that if they were more comfy then men's undies and that's what I wanted to wear, it wasn't to her to tell me what to wear. I told her that I love her very much. Since then we have been panty shopping many times together.

— Charlie, 59