Acupuncture Massage

I went to an acupuncture physician recently to help with some leg pain. The doctor was an Asian woman in her early thirties and rather attractive. The one thing I immediately noticed about her were her breasts. They were rather ample, considering most Asian ladies are somewhat small on top. She had me remove my shirt and pants and lie down on her massage table. I was starting to show some signs of getting into a heightened state and she noticed right away. She was massaging my leg and when she got to the upper thigh area, her hand slowly ran across my equipment. It felt awfully good and I told her so. She smiled and told me to relax as she continued. When she was done, I told her that it was the most excited I had ever been. I thanked her and she then opened her blouse and let me massage her breasts with her brassiere still on. I really enjoy massaging a woman's chest while she's still wearing her bra.

— Noah, 44