Peeking Over The Fence

My very attractive neighbor likes to lay out in her backyard in a skimpy bikini in the summer. She has a tall privacy fence, so I think she thought she had some privacy. However, it is pretty easy to see into her yard from my bedroom window on the second floor of my house. If my wife was not at home, I used to enjoy masturbating while I looked at her in her bikini. One time when I was masturbating, I didn't realize one of my windows was open a crack from the night before. I started moaning while I was going at it, and all of a sudden she looked up at my window and smiled. I don't know if she could see in, but I'm pretty sure she heard me and knew what was going on. She didn't take her eyes off my window, and she didn't stop smiling. I think she was trying to arouse me because she kept lightly caressing her stomach with one hand while she shaded her eyes with her other hand. She was really turning me on, and I decided she was probably enjoying it. So, I stood up next to the window and started going at it again. It was so bright outside, I don't think she could see me. But, I made sure she could hear me. She looked so hot! I moaned and groaned as I masturbated and let out a loud series of grunts at the end. I am positive she heard my moaning and groaning because at the end, it looked like she smirked a little and clapped her hands lightly. My neighbor has never mentioned the incident to me, but I can tell by the look in her eye every time I talk to her that she is smirking on the inside. It's a little embarrassing now, but I enjoyed it at the time, and I would probably do it again if I got the chance.

— Spencer, 38