Sissy Secretary

I am the owner of a private law firm. I have twenty employees and I am married. I am accused often by my wife of flirting with the women at work. What my wife doesn't know is one of the secretaries is my boss; I own the place, but she is the boss. After hours and when everyone has gone home, the roles reverse. I am forced to dress up as the secretary and I am forced to put on panties and a matching bra, garter belt with lace top stockings, a pink satin blouse, a satin slip, three inch high heels, and a business skirt suit. She then changes into my suit. As I am sitting at reception desk until I am called into my own office, I am sent for coffee or a drink and made to run little errands all over my building. I am again called into the office and she is sitting in my chair wearing my suit. I am ordered to put lip stick on. I am then ordered to earn my raise by servicing a toy she has ready. After twenty or thirty minutes, my jaw is hurting. I am then bent over my own desk. She lifts up my skirt and begins to spank me with a long, flat paddle. She tells me what a bad secretary I am and how I should be replaced. Just when I think I can't take any more, she is done and we have sex. I know she owns me. I am then forced to clean any mess up before I can get dressed to go home. This has been going on for a year now and I love it very much. She is the highest paid women in my office. She is just a receptionist, but she brings home just as much as some of the lawyers. My wife would never play like this and has no idea.

— Jack, 34