My Wife the Masseuse

My wife lost her job, so I paid for her to go to a sports massage course. She is very sporty and thought she could get a job at her gym. After she had qualified, she asked if I would set up our spare room for her to work from as she couldn't get a job. I agreed and fitted it out for her. She advertised and three months later, she was raking in the money and was booked continuously; I was so please for her. One day, I finished work early and went home. She was obviously busy, so I crept in. As I passed her door, I could hear moaning. Curious to see what she was doing to make her client moan, I went outside and looked in the window. I saw a young man on the couch with her about to have sex with him. I was stunned; no wonder she was so popular! I haven't said anything yet; I am stunned, but quite turned on by the idea.

— Trevor, 32