Mother-in-Law Make Out

My fifty-two year old mother-in-law came to visit last week; I have had a five year crush on her. The third night of her visit, my wife was called in to work the second shift. My mother-in-law and I made and ate dinner together, drinking a bottle of wine as we cooked and ate. After dinner, we ended up sitting on the couch listening to music. The second bottle of wine was opened and I found myself holding her in my arms and gentling kissing her luscious lips. I could taste the wine on her lips as she told me we should stop. Then, we were locked in a deep and passionate kiss. She told me, "No more than just kissing," and we kissed for the next fifteen or twenty minutes. I finally worked up my nerve to touch her chest. "Please no further," she said. I couldn't resist the chance to do more. I couldn't help myself and I screamed out how much I loved her. She started telling me she loved me. I couldn't hold back any more and I finished and collapsed in her arms.

— Kevin, 31