I've read the other confessions and am skeptical, but this is what happen to me. Years ago, my ex mother-in-law was a hot fifty-something woman. Sexuality poured from her in the way she dressed and carried herself. I was blown away the moment I met her. She was divorced and seemed to have a different man every couple of months. She would go to Florida every winter and I got key to her condo to just check on it. Of course, I snooped! Her panty drawer was perfectly laid out, so I really didn't want to touch them. I found a toy box and she had every toy a woman needs! I found a VHS tape in there and popped it in. There was my mother-in-law and her latest guy going at it! Let me shorten this up. Of course, I carefully took out a lace white pair and used them. I did this for a few months. She came home and called me up to help her program her computer and TVs. I got there not thinking anything, but there were her panties laid out on the kitchen table! I felt my face get hot and tried to keep my composure. She knew, but she didn't seem too upset and our relationship changed after that. As my and her daughter's marriage crumbled, I began a very erotic relationship with her; sort of a dominant woman thing. Yes, I was made to wear them and the video camera was a major part of playing.

— Cameron, 45