I am married, but my wife is not into regular sex, so I have a sex friend that I visit every couple of weeks. When I was at our last round, we were both on her bed and I noticed her door was open slightly and thought I saw a movement. I didn't realize she had a friend staying with her; she had come back without us hearing and walked past the partly open bedroom door. She saw what we were doing and stood watching us. I was so excited at her watching, I finished early and her friend moved away from the door. My friend asked why I had finished so quickly and I told her it was her friend watching that got me so excited. Without a word she left the room. I heard voices, then they both came back in, her friend apologized and said she got really excited watching us. I asked them if they fancied a threesome and, without a word, they both joined me on the bed and we had a fantastic time.

— Greg, 52