Customer Service

This is something that started about two years ago. First, I like to perform oral on men who really enjoy receiving it and I pride myself on being attentive to their needs. One of my special friends has a small automobile sales business and one evening after visiting him, he said, "Boy what an addition to my sales team you would be if I could offer your special services to certain customers in order to seal the deal." I laughed about this, but thought about what he said and finally told him this was an intriguing idea as long as it was discreet and he could vouch for the men he wanted me to service. About two weeks later, I received a phone call from him asking if I was really serious about doing what he had suggested and I replied yes. He told me to come to his business office at 9.00pm in two days to meet one of his regular customers. When I arrived, I was introduced to a man about ten years older than me. After a little small talk, he invited me to check out the back seat in the car he was thinking of buying. Well, he bought the car after my contribution to the sales process and this has since resulted in occasional calls from my special friend to help him sell a car. This is personal customer service at its very best, and I really enjoy helping out.

— Dave, 44