My Hot Guidance Counselor

When I was a senior in high school, I was called down to my guidance counselor. She was a woman in her early thirties. She had a nice, curvy body. When I got to her office, she closed the door. She told me that if I was going to graduate, I would need to take an additional class. The only thing available was as an aid for her. So, I took it. She was pretty cool about it. She told me that she was available for help with anything, anytime. It was a great semester. I graduated because of her. Well, I got a call from her a week after I graduated, on the weekend. She said she needed to go over stuff with me. She gave me directions to her house. I was like cool. I got there, and she opened the door. All she was wearing was a thong. She pulled me in and started French kissing me. I got undressed, and we went at it. I gave her oral, she gave it back, and then we had sex every way you can think of. It was amazing. It was a graduation present I will never forget. I keep in touch now that I am up at college. Every time I go home, I go back to her house for the weekend of still the most amazing sex. It gets better every time. She said next time we would add a girl for a threesome.

— Dave, 19