My Friend's Hot Mom

When I was nineteen, I spent a week at my friend's house for spring break. He had his room, and I had the couch in the living room. One night, I woke up and went into the kitchen to get a drink. I heard noises coming out of his mom's room. His dad was gone for the week. So, I went close to the door to hear. She must have heard me and opened the door. There she was in a night gown. She looked amazing. I asked her what all the commotion was, and she said she was pleasuring herself. She asked me if I would like to learn anything about it. I was thrilled to hear it. I had always wondered what it would be like to get experience from an older woman. She took off the night gown to reveal a beautiful body. I gave her oral, and then she returned the favor. Then we had the most passionate sex I had ever had. It was amazing. The rest of the week, we would have sex in the shower before she went to work. My friend never found out and neither did her husband. I still get together with her every so often. It is awesome.

— Todd, 22