Intro To Vintage Nighties, Continued

In my last confession, my friend got me over to look at his collection of vintage nighties, which I didn't know he had. When I got over there, he showed me his collection, and then invited me to put on one of his favorites, which I did. It was fabulous; it had a big bow in the front, four long nylon ribbons to the hem, two bows on either side, and another two long ribbons on each bow. With twelve long nylon ribbons, it felt great. I found I was constantly playing and fingering the ribbons; I was in heaven. My friend said he was in heaven as well; he had on another one of his babydoll nighties. We danced around together, playing with the chiffon and long nylon ribbons till I got excited, then I sat down with ribbons tickling me. I walked around his place while constantly playing with all those long nylon ribbons and it was great. Now, I'm right into nighties with long nylon ribbons and lots of chiffon. I can't get enough.

— Doug, 36