The Maid's Weakness

This was a year ago when I was nineteen. I have a very rich family. My parents are so busy that they hire people for whatever I want. I mean, like housekeeping and things. Unaware, I hire only lady workers, and hot ones, too! I've never tried to get any of them to my bed until one day I was spying on the maid and eavesdropping on her conversation. She was talking with a friend, and she mentioned that she has a weakness for pumped men swimming nude in a pool. And, of course, they have to have a large penis. Lucky for me, we had a pool, and I am pumped, and my penis is large. So, the next day, I got naked, went in the pool, and then called for the maid. She was very aroused by this. She asked if I needed help, and I asked, "With what?" Then she got naked, and boy was she fine! She said, "Having your swim." Then she gave me an oral as I was sitting on the area around the pool. Then I returned the favor. Then we had he most amazing sex ever! We did this for a year until I found a hotter maid that would have sex with me anywhere. So, I fired her, and she never knew my real age. So, she was afraid she could be charged with having sex with a minor. She never told anyone.

— Ray, 20