Night Run

When I'm really horny during the summer, I get tired of masturbating in my room so I ride my bike to a school I went to a number of years ago. I hide my bike and take all of my clothes off on top of the slide. Once, three girls came up to me before I took my clothes off, but I was still hard, and they noticed it through my shorts. We started talking about each other when I decided to take my shirt off. Two of the girls giggled, and one said, "Nice body." Her friends both laughed at this. "Can we see the rest?" one said. I pulled down my shorts to reveal my excited package, while two of them ripped off their shirts and jeans, leaving only their panties on. We kissed for some time before one began giving me oral sex. For over an hour, all three of us had various kinds of sex.

— Billy, 19