Girdle Panties

My wife of eight years always assumed I would cheat on her; I never have. However, she seems to think I have a thing for one of the women at work. I do not; she is a very reserved woman and married, although she is very sexy and hot. I do not have anything going on. My wife always assumes I want to though. She and her sister have come up with a solution. I am forced to wear women's girdle panties to work; thick, tight satin girdles. They cover my belly and go down to almost my knee. Sometimes, it's thick satin panties instead. It was humiliating when they put me in them the first few times. They assumed I would never drop my pants in front of another women while in these things. However, I would never drop my pants for another women anyhow. My other problem is I really like how they feel and I get excited on and off all day long. They feel so good to wear. When I told my wife how excited they make me, she took me over her knee and spanked my rear end with a hair brush. Now, I get spanked at least once a week. The girdles hide my excitement and it feels so good.

— Alan, 28