Friend's Family

Last Christmas, I went to my friend's house for a party. My friend's nineteen-year-old cousin, her eighteen-year-old sister, and I were in the basement watching TV on a couch. The nineteen-year-old, who I think is pretty attractive, was wearing a short jean skirt. She got up to get a drink while the eighteen-year-old stole her seat on the couch. As she laid down across it, her feet next to me. The nineteen-year-old came back, and without any hesitation said, "Well, I guess we'll have to share," and sat right on my lap. Right away I got a giant erection, but I was way too excited to move around and hide it. Noticing it, she said, "Oh, someone's exited to see me," and proceeded to turn over and unbuckle my belt. She started giving me oral sex, and then pulled off her skirt to sit on me. After ten minutes, I was happy.

— Barry, 20