Panties & Slips

I have been wearing panties full time for the last twenty years. I used to wear my mom's and my aunt's panties and slips when I was younger. They caught me wearing them and said it was okay if I would put them in the dirty clothes when I was done. When I left home, I didn't wear panties for a few years. I then met a beautiful black girl that never wore panties, but she wanted me to try hers on when we made love. She said she liked them on me so much that she gave me all of hers to wear, and I did. Now I have about seventy-five pair of panties that various women have given me or that my wife has bought for me. As I type this, I am wearing black lace panties and a black half-slip. I will wear this to bed in a few minutes. Sometimes, I wear short night gowns around the house and to sleep or make love in. The nylon or silk feels so good against my skin. Really makes me excited! I really love wearing panties, a slip, and a night gown.

— Jon, 48