Slow to Learn

When I was in college, believe it or not, I had the gall to buy some binoculars and spy on college folks in neighboring dorm halls. I know it's a cliché, but gosh, did I really do this? I guess I was desperate. I guess we all were in college, no? So, anyway, the first time I looked out my window, the dorm hall I was in was crooked. So, I saw across and caught this good-looking American guy with an American flag on his wall with this good-looking girl. What luck for me? Not too far away, nice big windows, and what grad student is ashamed? I met her later and recognized her in the cafeteria. Then try to imagine me when I met her boyfriend! Both were grad students. We became great friends. We even gave each other gifts at Christmas almost without thinking. It turned out she was from France, too! So, later that year I bought some binoculars and checked out undergrads in neighboring dorms. Long live love! Now I know how my best friend felt in high school when he watched people get dressed for work at dawn as a neighborhood paper boy! Gosh, am I slow to learn!

— Sean, 32